01/19 I Love Gin Subscription Box

This month in the 01/19 subscription box from ILoveGin.com I received Pin Strawberry Gin, Brecon Gin and 2 bottles of Gordon’s Ultra Low Alcohol Gin & Tonic Flavour Drink; one with a hint of lime and the other with a hint of grapefruit.01/09 - Open Box 1

Pin Strawberry Gin

I decided to serve this with a little cucumber because if you’ve ever had Pimm’s you know that strawberry and cucumber work.

The gin is a light pink colour and you can smell the berries. It was quite a boozy tasting gin which had a really nice natural sweetness to it. The spices were delicate with a good peppery edge (strawberry and pepper being another great combination).

Brecon Gin

This is made by the brilliant Welsh whisky distillery, Penderyn, and they even use water from natural springs in the Brecon Beacon National Park.

Straight away you can tell this is made by experts. It is crystal clear and smells like any high quality traditional gin. Strong in juniper with hints of citrus when I mixed it with Schweppes Slimline Tonic – it was delicious and I would happily have this as my normal mixing gin over any other.

Gordon’s Ultra Low Alcohol Gin & Tonic Flavour Drink

I’d heard of these before they turned up in this box. Gordon’s are joining many others in the alcohol industry by offering this “low alcohol” option. These drinks have less than 0.5% alcohol so it may as well be alcohol free!

I got 2 different flavours in the box; hint of lime and hint of grapefruit. Both were really nice. They had the extra bitterness you’d expect from a gin and tonic but with none of the consequences. These would be really refreshing on a hot summers day. Out of the two, the grapefruit was definitely my favourite as it was a bit more punchy than the lime.

ILoveGin.com have provided me with this box to review. I have not been paid for this review and my words are entirely my own.

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