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Recently I was lucky enough to be given loads of free goodies by Yutaka; the Japanese food brand. We got all sorts of things; sushi rice, miso paste, mirin, soy sauce to name but a few. There were some specific recipes which I was given, and I followed a couple, but the ingredients are so versatile that you can cook tonnes of different things!
The 2 recipes we mostly followed were the BBQ Miso Chicken and Yaki Onigiri. We didn’t make them on the same day but you could quite easily have them on the same day or even during the same meal.

Yaki Onigiri

Yukata - bag and rice

We made the Onigiri first. Grilled rice balls glazed with Yutaka tamari soy sauce. Delicious and really easy. You simply make up your sushi rice as per the instructions on the box, wait for it to cool enough to handle, shape into triangles, pat with a little salt, grill/fry until golden, brush with all over with the Yutaka tamari soy sauce and grill/fry again until crispy. See, simple.

The Yutaka tamari soy sauce gives it a really nice savoury flavour. Grilling/frying adds amazing texture as well. It’s rare that we have rice cooked to be anything other than soft and fluffy so crispy is a great change. Onigiri is also a brilliant substitute for other starches such as potatoes.

Yukata - tamari soy sauce

BBQ Miso Chicken

Yukata - marinade ingredients

The BBQ Miso Chicken I made slightly different to the recipe. First off, I used chicken thighs as I much prefer them to chicken breasts in terms of both flavour and texture. Secondly, we used a mixture of Yutaka tamari soy sauce and light soy sauce in the marinade (as I’d run out of Yutaka tamari soy sauce!)

Again, this is pretty easy. You make up the marinade, keep a bit aside for basting and then marinate the chicken for a while (I marinated mine overnight). After it’s marinated for long enough, I simply grilled it. You could cook it on the barbecue, in the oven or even fry it if you felt so inclined. I served it with plain white long grain rice.

Yukata - BBQ Miso Chicken finished

We’re really look forward to trying some of the other goodies I was given too. I still have some sushi rice and seasoning so perhaps I’ll be making my own sushi…

The products were provided to me to review. All views are my own.

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