Making your own butter is one of the most simple things you can do at home. All you need is cream and a lot of vigorous movement.

While at the supermarket I picked up some double cream in the reduced section and butter immediately came to mind.

butter - cream

This could have made this with a hand whisk or an electric whisk but, if you have one, a stand mixer is by far the easiest way to do it.

I got my stand mixer out of the cupboard, set it up with the whisk attachment and poured in the double cream. I put on the cover just in case it got messy. The mixer was set on a medium speed and left it to do the hard work.

As it’s whisking you’ll see the texture of the cream get thicker. It will become almost grainy at one point but stay with it as it changes quickly.

Almost suddenly it splits into a lump of butter and some liquid; the buttermilk. Keep going for a minute and then stop as the hard work is done.

butter - butter and buttermilk

Take the butter out of the buttermilk and squeeze it to get any left over buttermilk out. Now you can, if you so wish, add salt to your butter. You can portion it and freeze it for several months if you want. The buttermilk can also be frozen for a similar amount of time too until you’re ready to use if you whatever you like, be it buttermilk fried chicken, scones, soda bread or pancakes!


A great way to use your butter is to portion it up and flavour it in different ways with herbs and spices. Compound butters can be used to flavour all sorts of different things such as meat, fish and vegetables.

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  1. baybythesea
    November 12, 2018

    Wow. I’d never have thought of this. How impressive would that be, telling people you’d made your own butter! Love it…

    Tracy x


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