Blacklock, Soho

Some of the lads and I meet up every few months for food and drinks. We like meat and beer so Blacklock was a perfect venue for us.


We met up down the road from the restaurant at The Glasshouse Stores on Brewer Street. I’d never been before, so was surprised at how big it actually was. When you walk in you see a relatively small bar but then past the bar and around the corner is more seating and a dart board. Downstairs is even more seating and another bar! The best thing about Glasshouse Stores is that it is a Samuel Smith brewery pub.

blacklock - beer

Samuel Smiths is a brewery based in Tadcaster in Yorkshire. When I first moved to London I was shocked to discover that they run over 20 charming pubs in the middle of town (they have over 200 in the country). They only sell Samuel Smith’s beers but don’t let that put you off because their beers are excellent. In particular I recommend their Taddy Lager and the Taddy Porter, which you should have no trouble finding in one of their pubs.


Blacklock is a “chop house” specialising in meat and cheap cocktails. It has two locations; Soho and City. Soho is the original and is located on Great Windmill Street in a former illegal strip club. The first time I went I struggled to find it as the sign and entrance are discrete.

The restaurant itself is simply decorated with lots of wood and metal. They cleverly make use of the support posts by using them as the specials boards. Each cut of meat on offer, and what size, is listed on the posts so you can see what is available to order.

As this wasn’t my first visit, I suggested that we go “all in”. This option gives you a selection of starters, skinny chops and sides. I think this is a must for anyone visiting for the first time as you can experience the best Blacklock has to offer. There were 4 of us on the evening so we went “all in” twice. We also ordered a smoked bacon chop to share between us. As we were struggling to decide what we wanted our server helped us out with suggestions and also gave us one of each of the sauces on the house. Always a great way to win over your customers.

Blacklock - starters

The starters we got were called “pre chop bites” which come as a bit of a surprise. You get small crackers with a topping. There is cheese and pickle, pig’s head and kimchi and egg and anchovy. The pig’s head is definitely my favourite however I happily ate whatever my friends weren’t feeling brave enough to try!

The selection of skinny chops included beef, lamb and pork chops. All of them were cooked to perfection.

Blacklock - mains

We had sides of beef dripping chips and the most amazing 10 hour ash roasted sweet potato.

By far my favourite thing on the plate, and this may seem strange to you as this is a meat restaurant, was the bread that came with the chops piled on top of it. It has soaked up all the juices from the chops and it was oozing and delicious. You really have to try it to know just how fantastic it is.

One of the best things about Blacklock – it’s actually reasonably priced! The four of us had 3-4 beers each on top of the food and it was about £35 each. There are not that many places in London you can get such a good feed for that amount of money.

I’ve now been to Blacklock twice and I’m definitely going to go back.

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