Sandow’s Cold Brew Coffee

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Recently I was fortunate enough to win a competition for some free samples of a Sandow’s Cold Brew coffee. My feedback may even inspire you to seek them out for yourself!

Sandow’s Original – Cold Brew Coffee

The original is your classic cold brew coffee. I found it to have a clean taste but a little weak for my preference and slightly bitter. However the more I drank it, the more berry flavours (cherries, blackcurrants) I found in it, which was very pleasant.

Sandow’s Citrus – Cold Brew Soda

The cold brew soda was a slightly sparkling cold brew coffee with a lemony flavour. It reminded me of a sparkling lemon iced tea as the coffee wasn’t very strong. The coffee came through by tasting somewhat of chocolate with a hint of citrus which I enjoyed very much.

Sandow’s Spice – Cold Brew Soda

Similar to the Citrus, it was slightly sparkling but this time had a lightly spiced chocolate flavour. It had a really nice sweetness but again, as with the others, it was a little weak for my taste.

Out of the three, I would say I enjoyed the Citrus the most. I’m a huge fan of citrus flavours so I knew, as long as they got it right, it was bound to be my favourite.


  1. July 27, 2018

    Not sure I fancy fizzy coffee but I’ll keep an eye out to try one!

    • July 27, 2018

      It’s an interesting sensation. As someone who drinks strong black coffee every day I found it a little weak, but it was refreshing.

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