Birmingham Trip Roundup

Our visit to Birmingham last month was a lot of fun as you’ve seen from my posts on Clays of Broseley, Boston Tea Party and Viva Brazil.

We stayed at the Westmead Hotel near Hopwood just off the M42. It was one of cheaper hotels (even cheaper than all the local Premier Inn hotels) and as we were dotting around visiting we didn’t mind being that much further out.

One of the evenings we couldn’t think of where to go for dinner so chose the hotel restaurant. This was the low point of our visit. I ordered a club sandwich which was big standard and a little boring. Lucy ordered a “handmade pizza” which was clearly frozen and very similar to those we have purchased from Iceland in the past. Being a hotel, the prices weren’t too cheap but luckily not too expensive either. I wouldn’t recommend eating there if I’m honest.

The strangest part of the experience was being seated in the main dining room area. We noticed that there was a long table set up for a party but assumed that they would come along later, after we had left. Not so, I’m afraid. Rather awkwardly, about 10 minutes after we were seated in came a VERY elderly man escorted by 2 not particularly young ladies so followed by another 20 people. There we were, at the side of the room, trying to keep Henry entertained and eat our dinner while they start enjoying this gentleman’s 90th birthday party! Our food was taking a while to come (I assume the kitchen was a little busy because of the party) and, showing some good quality customer service, our server offered us free bread rolls. We gratefully accepted for Henry who was ravenous by this point. Needless to say we ate quickly,  once our food arrived, and left!

We ate at a few other places when we were last in Birmingham. One of which was KFC (you can’t go wrong with their greasy chicken-y goodness!)

The other location of note was The Black Horse in Northfield. For me, The Black Horse was always a notorious local pub. It had a reputation as one of those places you avoided at all costs if you didn’t fancy having your head kicked in! Luckily things have changed dramatically since I lived in the area. The Black Horse is now fully refurbed and run by Wetherspoons.

Myself and Lucy shared 2 light chicken side dishes and chips. Due to Henry’s egg allergy, we asked the member of staff serving us whether the chicken pieces were suitable for him. They replied straight away with “I don’t know”, put our order through then went and checked in their manual. One of the dishes was not suitable, so it’s lucky they found out for us!

I chose to have a beer with my meal which was very tasty. It was called Posh Pooch from Ascot Ales. I do like a good beer!

Well that’s it for my final round up of our latest visit to Birmingham. You won’t be hearing about it again…until we go again.

My next blog post will be a special one so keep your eyes peeled for it!


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