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Whilst visiting friends and family in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, a friend suggested meeting at Viva Brazil for dinner. We took a quick look at the menu and realised that it was an “eat all the meat” restaurant which sounded like a winner! I’d been to something similar in London but my wife hadn’t so we went for it and arrived with hungry bellies.

We met our friends, were quickly taken to our seats and the server explained how it worked. You get a sheet of paper with each of the offerings from the grill (15 different cuts of various meats) and we were given a small coaster with red on one side and green on the other. Green means “keep the meat coming” and red means “no more meat…for now” so it got flipped to green straight away.
We headed to the extensive salad bar first off and got something non-meat related to accompany the meats. Although one of the salad bar items is actually chicken wings! The “salads” were fantastic; fresh and varied enough to suit even the most picky of eaters.

Then came the meats. I can’t remember everything that we had but the highlights were the sweet chilli chicken, the flank and rump steak, chorizo sausage and gammon. They also had chicken hearts which were delicious. Where possible we gave some to our 16 month old son, including the chicken hearts!

One of my friends has a severe nut allergy and my son an allergy to eggs but the staff were easily able to identify items which should be avoided. There were only a couple of menu items that they had to avoid, which meant they were still able to enjoy most of the food.

brazil - plate

Being a parent these days, we tend to judge places on how well they accommodate our son (when we have him with us) and the staff at Viva Brazil were brilliant. He makes a bit of a mess which we’re more than happy to clean up but before we had a chance one of the staff had cleaned it up for us. She was great with our son and explained that she was used to it as she had a four year old brother.

We really enjoyed our visit to Viva Brazil and I’m quite sure we’ll visit again. I think it’s a little pricey at £25.95 per person for dinner but if you get in before 5pm it’s £15.95 for lunch Monday to Friday and that makes it incredible value for money.

Go and stuff your face with as much meat and salad as you want for less than £20!!

Update: Viva Brazil Birmingham is no longer in business.

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