Visiting a friend

A little while a go a very good friend of mine had surgery at pretty short notice. Another friend and I thought we’d be nice and go visit. As is traditional, I took a cake. Only on this occasion I was feeling creative so I baked a Victoria Sponge cake.

As everyone knows, Mary Berry is an absolute legend. I wanted to be one for my friend so I used Mary’s recipe which I found here.

It all started well with the mixture coming together well and it looked good going into the oven.

sponge - uncooked

After it had cooked it for about 20-25 minutes, it looked good so I took it out and attempted to pop one out of the tin and onto the trivet. At this point I realised what a stupid mistake that was as I hadn’t tested the cake to see if it was cooked through…it wasn’t. In fact, it was still fairly liquid inside. I’m guessing I must’ve had the oven slightly too hot. The cakes both went back into the oven with a foil cover to stop them from burning.

sponge - cooked

As you can see they came out a little dark.

For the filling I used Sainsbury’s Strawberry Conserve, which is one of the best I’ve had (other than the jam we sometimes make ourselves at home). I also whipped some whipping cream with a little icing sugar for added sweetness, and decorated with fresh strawberries.

sponge - finished

The cake turned out pretty good. I found it a bit dense and I blame this on the fact I screwed up the bake. It did taste good and my friends enjoyed it which is what really counts.

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